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200mw Extremely Dangerous Red Laser Burning Poi...
Ship to Barendrecht, Netherlands

50mW 532nm Green Laser Pointer Pen With LED Ind...
Ship to Ignalina, Lithuania

50mW 532nm Open-back Steel Green Beam Laser Poi...
Ship to Elizabethtown, United States

Mid-Open 3-mode Pulse 50mW 532nm Green Laser Po...
Ship to la spezia, Italy

200mW 532nm Waterproof Green Laser Pointer pen(...
Ship to Wichita, United States

200mw Strong Green Laser Burning Pointer with Key
Ship to FES, Morocco

200mw Extremely Dangerous Green Laser Burning P...
Ship to Nürnberg, Germany

100MW Green Laser Pointer Pen for Party (Starri...
Ship to New York, United States

200mw Laser Pointer Pen High Quality Green - Lo...
Ship to Houston, United States

Laser Effects Projector With Red And Green Lights
Ship to Aktobe, Kazakhstan

200mw Laser Pointer Pen High Quality Green - Lo...
Ship to xian, China

5mW 532nm Open-back Steel Green Laser Pointer Pen
Ship to Pueblo, United States

Blue Laser - 200mw Adjustable Blue Laser Pointe...
Ship to Hiram, United States

Laser Pointer Pen High Quality Green - Long Ran...
Ship to Galloway, United States

200mW 405nm Multi-functional Middle Open Violet...
Ship to Philippsthal, Germany

Ultra Power 200mW Green Laser Pointer + LED Tor...
Ship to leicester, United Kingdom

100mW 405nm Middle-Open Violet Blue Laser Pointer
Ship to Newton, United States

200mw Strong Green Laser Burning Pointer with Key
Ship to DUBAI, United Arab Emirates

30mW Club Green Laser Projector For DJ's and Pa...
Ship to Laayoune, Morocco

200mW 405nm Multi-functional Middle Open Violet...
Ship to Houston, TX, United States

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Wholesale Cheap Wedding Dresses, HiPhone, Cheap Laser Pointers etc. from YoTang

Welcome to wholesale from China YoTang
YoTang is an online wholesale shop from China. We supply thousands of products including cheap wedding dresses, hiphone, cheap laser pointers and so on with high quality and reasonable prices. We promise to provide the most professional services to any customers including fast delivery, fast reply, good after-sales service and so on. Hope to establish a good long-term relationship business with you!
Become a member of YoTang
It will only cost 5 seconds to register to be our member, and all we need is a valid email address. You can ask any question for any thing, and we will answer at first time. You will receive the information about your order. Welcome to become a member of YoTang!

Welcome to purchase on YoTang even if small order
YoTang will provide the same good service to you even if it is a small quantity order. We provide different prices for samples and different quantities. Of course you will receive more discount for larger order, but please feel free if you make small order.
Fast preparation and fast delivery for wholesale from YoTang
Most products can be prepared in 1-2 days, and the delivery will cost 3-5 days for major destination. We cooperate with some shipping companies such as DHL, EMS, UPS, TNT and so on, so the delivery time can be guaranteed.
Easy to order on YoTang
It is easy to order on our wholesale website, that will cost only serveral seconds after you make decision. YoTang accept different payment methods such as Western Union, Xoom or Wire transfer.etc. You can choose any one as you like.
For dropship, there is no such limit if pay via Western Union, Xoom or Wire Transfer. And please don't worry, we will not put any information of us if you don't want.
Security is the most important to YoTang. YoTang ensure the safety of any customer's information, will not leak it to any other organization or individual. We use SSL to provide security and data integrity for communications over Internet, It is SAFE to place order on YoTang.
Return / Refund
Almost all products including cheap wedding dresses, hiphone, cheap laser pointers and so on from YoTang come with a 12 month warranty. This means if there is a quality defect after dispatch, we will accept a return / repair the item. If the products you ordered were out of stock, we will refund or ask you to change another items; you can ask refund before we source the products too.
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